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Graphology isn’t Secret Knowledge

Secret knowledge

Graphology isn’t secret knowledge guarded by a select few.  Anyone can get this knowledge. Anyone can learn it.

It’s a tool that can help you to get a grip on certain aspects of your life – particularly in your relationships. Or it can show up a particular personality problem you may have – but that you have not recognized until now.

Sometimes we ignore things when they are too obvious. For example you may accept the fact that you are shy and have learnt to live with it – and therefore do nothing about it.

Graphology helps you to pin-point a particular personality problem, bring it into the light and look at it squarely in the face!

It gives you a visual reference point from which you can launch a personal investigation into your strengths and weaknesses.

And eventually, if you’re that way inclined, it can even help you to help others who have lost their way.

This is just a sampling of one or two reasons why I value graphology.

If you are interested in graphology in any way or if you would like to add to this, please let me have your thoughts below.

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